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Les recettes gastronomiques de votre Chef Serge Lecomte

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Area 01
Paris and neighbouring areas

Area 02
North-West Quarter of France

Area 03
North-East Quarter of France

Area 04
South-East Quarter of France

Area 05
South-West Quarter of France

Area 06
French territories



French Restaurants section (to be leafed through by regions) :

Miscellaneous restaurants where you'll find or discover "l'art de vivre" in France.

The restaurants listed down there are not necessarily for  the happy few who style themselves to be Top-Connoisseurs. Neither are they the only  references. We don't ambition to give you an umpteen version of reknowned gastronomic guides to point out illutrious French restaurants.

We'd just like to provide you little-known addresses that we either know ourselves, or that have been given us by satisfied customers.

Don't let yourself be fooled by ready-made labels. They speak about "Douce France" ("Sweet France"), but there are also places where they don't welcome you that easily, or even rebuke you. On the other hand, France offers an immense variety of restaurants, or bistrots where they greet you with courtesy and experience. On top of all, they'll crave to please you and make you feel at ease. A good experience will simply come from a good choice of yours.

We've listed down these restaurants, because they seem to us places where you'll be welcomed with professionalism and courtesy. Some of them are gastronomic restaurants. It's just because they fall into our above-mentioned criteria, and also because you could be requesting some choice. Our main concern is to provide you with fine places to go into.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to suggest other places of your own that you'd want to have in this list, or even to make remarks, be they negative, if you think that we've given you inaccurate information.

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