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Plays videos consoles, on PC with emulators

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An emulator, it's a kind of simulator of game console videos, designed to turn on P. C

There are thus as many emulators than of consoles, that is to say for:

. Game Servant boy

. PlayStation

. Super Nintendo

. N64

For what that is used it?

To allow the players to be able devote to their master key favorite time, on PC, when their parents, big brothers or Sœurs dared squatter monitor T.V.

Good, but let us not dream... to find a graphic quality and an animation equivalent as consoles which turn on monitor T.V, it is necessary you have at least a Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB of RAM, Windows 95/98, a graphics board 4 MB (better a 3D card ), and a sounds 16 bits card , in the absence of what the pleasure will be passably faded.

How to make?

To download an emulator. Emulator for Super Nintendo: Download here 386 KB

Then download the " ROM " of your favourite plays which turns on this console... of course. For that go to a search engine like AltaVista or other and type the request: rom+emulator+(name of the console).

Download here the ROM " Final Fight 3 " 1805 KB in Zip file

If you encounter problems, or if you are satisfied, thank you to send a mall to our specialist house:


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